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TC Cotton Lets Us Know That He Can “Never Get Enough” In New Single


Never Get Enough

TC Cotton

“Never Get Enough” is an old-school R&B jam that highlights what it sounds like when you found that special someone.

Tronmie “TC” Cotton is a highly-talented singer and songwriter from Macon, Georgia. What I think listeners will love about him is that he makes soulful pieces that boast elements of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel music. Some of TC’s musical influences are Michael Jackson, New Edition, Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat, and Gerald Levert. His biggest influence, however, is his late father, Floyd T. Cotton Jr., who was one of the lead singers of the gospel group The Original Cotton Brothers. TC Cotton’s latest single is the smooth “Never Get Enough.”

“Never Get Enough” is the definition of a vintage-sounding R&B track. The song features velvety, uptempo production that will make you wonder if Prince Akeem and Lisa are still together. It also features a passionate/soulful vocal performance by TC that truly makes his precious words about finding that special someone shine bright. All in all, “Never Get Enough” will make you dance, want to pursue love, and buy an A-Trak player. It’s truly a gem.

Give “Never Get Enough” a shot below.






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