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Deexy Says We Can’t Be “Scared 2 Smile”

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Scared 2 Smile


An explosive hip-hop track with edginess in every word.

Philadelphia-based musician, Deexy, is a hip-hop artist whose work fuses elements from the modern and golden age eras of rap. He refers to his work as “life music;” his tunes reflect on the everyday person experiencing normal trials and tribulations. Deexy’s discography is available on different streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest release is the hip-hop single “Scared 2 Smile,” which is also featured on his album 4202. Additionally, the song has an accompanying official video.

“Scare 2 Smile” sounds like the title of an angsty teen song, but this is not a teenager’s emo hit. It provides a Cheshire Cat sensation of always smiling fakely so listeners realize why the artist is afraid. Lyrics like “Feeling like a God cause I was built in his likeness/This feel like a night imma fight for the righteous” and “This ain’t no division; keep living, be great and carry on” remind us not to let anyone else control us. However, control is constantly fought for, and righteousness is a term that no one agrees on. This song addresses issues easily as the rapper handles our fears in his commanding voice. The song also contains hard beats and fierce lyrics to get the point across. So, stream Deexy’s “Scared 2 Smile” today to learn what it means to really take control of your own life.

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