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Dkdoubledeeez Makes Coin on “Rock My Hips”

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Rock My Hips


A hip-hop track with speed and energy.

New Jersey-based musician, Dkdoubledeeez, is an artist who loves making intense, unbeatable tunes. Clearly, there’s plenty of passion in her work, but Dkdoubledeeez’s music also provides originality along with the love. While there isn’t much information on her personal life, we can assume that she draws some influence from what she’s been through on the way to the top. Some of the artist’s previous works include tracks like “Cashapp” and “TopNotch.” These and more are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Dkdoubledeeez’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Rock My Hips.”

“Rock My Hips” instantly immerses us into a fiery reflection with an ear-popping soundscape. The point of the song? It’s to celebrate! We should be dancing as the artist celebrates her successes in the music industry. However, there are also other intentions involved. Lyrics like “Big big money the only thing I’m chasing. Know I’m a freak, know imma take it” and “Ain’t never had drip like this” help the rapper unapologetically claim her bag. She is thrilled with her success and celebrates like a true hustler. So, press play on Dkdoubledeeez’s “Rock My Hips” to learn why you should be rocking yours.

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