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Listen To “Heavy Is The Head” By Felipe Luciano

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Heavy Is The Head

Felipe Luciano

Felipe Luciano’s “Heavy Is The Head” album gives me Nipsey vibes.

Felipe Luciano is a hip-hop artist, originally from North Carolina, that knows how to make music that strikes a chord with real ones all over the globe. To be more specific, his uncanny ability to mix inspirational lyrics with street-certified vibes is impressive to listen to. Recently, Felipe released Heavy Is The Head, a follow-up to his critically acclaimed Legends Never Die album from 2020.

This is the hip-hop music that I run on repeat when I’m chilling at the crib. Heavy Is The Head features ten real-ass tracks that put important things like self-growth, trillness, and boss moves on a pedestal. Aside from the meaningful content that Felipe dishes out, he also does an outstanding job of sliding through each song with great composure and firm rap flows. When you combine the bossed-up instrumentals that he does his work over to the equation, you get pure hip-hop solace. 

Go ahead and give Heavy Is The Head a shot below.




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