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Brent Faiyaz Gears Up For The Release Of “WasteLand” With “Price Of Fame”

Price Of Fame

Brent Faiyaz

My unreliable sources are telling me that Brent Faiyaz is just as toxic as Future.

There are three reasons why I am looking forward to Brent Faiyaz’s forthcoming Wasteland album: He drops hits, he’s from around my way, and he has a refreshing take on the bachelor struggle. To get us all hyped for the project, Brent decided to release “Price Of Fame,” the latest single from it.


Once you get past the screwed and chopped part of “Price Of Fame,” you enter into heaven! (I do think the screwed and chopped part does a great job of putting you in this lovely sloppy drunk mood). On the second part of this song, Brent brings out his absolutely gorgeous vocals (Sorry, fellas, I couldn’t think of another word to use) and the carefree lyrics that have practically built his foundation. Though “Price Of Fame” feels like a long-ass Netflix teaser, it does its job in getting fans of Brent to get hyped the hell up.

Brothers with cornrows are getting play now? (OK, bet)

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