Talk About Me

Dot Da Genius (Ft. Kid Cudi, J.I.D. & Denzel Curry)

Dot Da Genius is ready to kick ass in 2022.

If you were a Kid Cudi stan like I was back then, you are more than familiar with Dot Da Genius. Dot produced a bunch of Cudi’s old s**t. After taking a major hiatus, Dot is back with a brand new single called “Talk About Me” that features Cudi, J.I.D., and Denzel Curry.


“Talk About Me” is not what I would prefer to hear out of Dot Da Genius, but it’s still hard as f**k! Over a beat that is on some futuristic ass-whipping s**t, J.I.D., Cudi, and Denzel Curry hit us with explosive raps that highlight how resilient, next-level, and smart they are. As expected, Curry and J.I.D. bring out abominable flows while Cudi raps like the Big Bad Wolf.

I don’t love Cudi as a rapper…

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