Evan Carr Asks Us To Please “stay”

A heartfelt pop tune with personal touches.

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Evan Carr

A heartfelt pop tune with personal touches.

Nashville, TN-based musician, Evan Carr, is an emerging artist with an appreciation for music. The Texas native clearly puts plenty of thought into crafting his creations. Carr initially made his debut on the music scene towards the end of 2019 with his freshman pop single “Thinking About You.” Since then, he’s released other tunes like “Falling for You” in 2020, and “Change of Scenery” in 2021. These songs, and others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Evan Carr’s latest drop is the single “stay.”

Regarding this new song, the artist said, “I wrote ‘stay’ after I had lost a family member to suicide.” “stay” is emotional, sentimental, and full of longing. Lyrics like “It’s the little things to love/ It’s the little things to live for” and “Remember its okay to stop and catch your breath/ You are so much bigger than the bad parts of today” provide plenty of inspirational affirmations. They are meant to help those struggling. At the same time, they’re meant to remind us of what’s really important in life. Additionally, it screams that the way out might not be the only way. With an intimate sense combined with a powerful message, “stay” offers comfort to remind us that we’re not alone. So, stream Evan Carr’s “stay” to figure out why you aren’t alone either when things get rough.

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