French Montana & Harry Fraud – Montega (Album Review)

Can we get French Montana and Harry Fraud albums all the time now?

Can we get French Montana and Harry Fraud albums all the time now?




5. Drive By

Could you imagine telling your kids that they were born because you shot up mommy like a drive-by?

“Drive By” is so effortlessly hard. Over a hypnotizing beat that sounds like it was birthed in 2015, French Montana and Babyface Ray trade verses about their love for money, women with soft asses, and success. What’s dope is that both rappers absolutely murder their appearances with slick flows and trill deliveries.

Yo, I didn’t know that Babyface Ray was this good! He sounds like a ‘number-one-option’ type of rapper.


4. Kind Of Girl

I have a confession: I have an obsession with Rick Ross’s raps. I just think that he has a style that is so damn trill and raw (Pause). With that being said, I cheated and put “Kind Of Girl” on this top 5 list before fully hearing the song.

Thankfully, I do not have egg on my face because “Kind Of Girl” is flames. The song features a beat that is smoother than Kyrie’s handles, a Rick Ross verse that is more grandiose than Dr. Pimple Popper’s crib, and a French Montana verse that is slicker than the scammer from Pretty Ricky. “Kind Of Girl” is my kind of rap slow jam.



3. Blue Chills

S**t, I got regular human chills listening to this s**t.

You can tell that not being respected by some of his peers is weighing on French Montana’s mind. The biggest sign is that he continuously feels the need to explain his moves to the world. Throughout “Blue Chills,” French unnecessarily explains why he signed Lil Durk, he explains why losing Chinx and Max B f**ked him up, and he explains why he hasn’t strayed too far away from the streets, even though he’s rich as hell. Though the instrumental that he does his work over sounds cold and lonely, he does hit us with a rap style that is pretty bold.



2. Bricks & Bags

Does New York still have the hardest rappers on this planet? I think so (The UK might be a close second).

“Bricks & Bags” is powered by a very muddy Harry Fraud beat. Over it, we get nothing but hungry, street-certified, authoritative, braggadocios, and gritty bars from French Montana, Benny The Butcher, and Jadakiss. While you have to love how confident everyone sounds on the mic, it’s the gutter lyrics everyone drops that poke out the most, to me.

I could’ve signed to Coke Boys, too! I decided to work at CVS instead (They have cold Mountain Dews there).



1. Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts

MORE CHILLS (At this point, I may have to do a COVID test)!

Chinx was supposed to be the guy that took Coke Boyz to another stratosphere. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years back. The good news is that French still has some verses from Chinx in the tuck; he put one of them on “Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts.”

French Montana and Chinx both put up A+ verses in “Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts.” What I love about their approach to the song is that they both meet Harry Fraud’s uber-touching production at the rim with sturdy deliveries that make their lyrics about reaching greatness, dealing with loss, and blocking hate illuminate. This song is special. Dare I say, this might be the most satisfying French Montana song I’ve ever heard…


1. Blue Chills (4/5)

2. Rushmore Pack (4/5)

3. Drive By (4/5)

4. Keep It Real (4/5)

5. Kind Of Girl (4/5)

6. Higher (4/5)

7. Bricks & Bags (5/5)

8. Poetic With No Justice (4/5)

9. Drop Top (3/5)

10. Short So Bad (3/5)

11. Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts (5/5)

12. Bronx Mecca (4/5)




I was never here for the French Montana slander. Yea, I make little jokes here and there about him, but for the most part, I respect him as an artist. I mean, you can’t be in the game for over 15 years without doing something right. With that being said, I am fully aware that French drops a lot of bulls**t songs. Like, anytime he links up with a female rapper, there’s a 99.5 percent chance the song is bulls**t. The music that you hear on Montega is far from bulls**t. The music that you hear on Montega is as close to hip-hop gold as it gets.

Can the drummer get some? I know, Harry Fraud is more than that, but you know what I mean! The beats that he hooks French Montana up with on this album are stirring, booming, authentically street, legendary, and just plain ole high quality. He truly put French in the perfect position to come across as a hood savant.

Can the Morrocan get some too? French Montana is a good rapper, y’all. Throughout Montega, he puts together verses that are filled with witty punchlines, confident deliveries, and lyrical content that you really only hear from the OGs that have seen levels of successes that only a few have seen. If Jay-Z was saying the s**t French was saying on this album, y’all would be quick to crown him. Let’s keep the same energy, French talks some good s**t here (He’s obviously not as skilled as Jay-Z).

French relies on a lot of guest features, I get it. However, I feel like every single person that makes an appearance on Montega actually fits the song they were on (I’m OK with a bunch of guest features if they fit).

Are French Montana and Harry Fraud the next Dr. Dre and Snoop? Probably not. What I can tell you is that the two bring out these two important things in one another: Focus and the hood.

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