Listen To “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” By Lupe Fiasco

I can’t believe that I no longer check for Lupe Fiasco’s music.

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Lupe Fiasco

I can’t believe that I no longer check for Lupe Fiasco’s music.

You don’t understand, I used to f**king love Lupe Fiasco. When it comes to the top 15 hip-hop albums I’ve ever heard, he has two on the list: The Cool and Food & Liquor. Unfortunately, Lupe’s last couple of releases hasn’t gained much attention. The good news is that his rap skills have not diminished at all. In DRILL MUSIC IN ZION, his latest release, he raps his muthaf**king ass off.


In DRILL MUSIC IN ZION, Lupe actually does most of his work over instrumentals that are therapeutic and jazzy. Don’t worry, he doesn’t come soft as a rapper on the album (Pause). Instead, throughout it, he comes across as a rapper that knows how to piece his words together like a poet, that knows how to put together punchlines that will go over your head like a halo, and that knows how to drop lyrical content that only those who are woke can truly comprehend. While I wouldn’t call this Lupe’s best album ever, it’s definitely his best in like 10 years.

Lupe can out-rap most.

3 thoughts on “Listen To “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” By Lupe Fiasco

  1. There’s no way you do a full album review on the French Montana album and leave out this one. Lupe still better than 90% of the rapper out there and his bodies of work back that.

    1. I agree 😩! His last couple of releases have been so lowkey, I wasn’t even sure if this was just one of his bs albums. After listening to it, I was definitely wrong.

      And, yes, Lupe is better than most.

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