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Did Roddy Ricch feel like he had to redeem himself for “LIVE LIFE FAST?”

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The Big 3

Roddy Ricch

Did Roddy Ricch feel like he had to redeem himself quickly for “LIVE LIFE FAST?”

Do you know what I absolutely loved? That Roddy Ricch sounded disappointed with how his fans perceived his LIVE LIFE FAST album from a few months ago. You have to admire it when a musician strives for perfection and actually internalizes what people think about them. What does scare me, though, is this: Maybe Roddy Ricch is not as great as we thought he was. I seriously doubt that’s the case, but I do think his next couple of releases is hella crucial. The Big 3 is his latest release.


It saddens me to say this, but I don’t love this EP. The songs on it sound on brand with the old Roddy; however, I don’t know if I feel like hearing the old Roddy anymore. It’s like he no longer knows how to shift to another gear artistically and plays it safe these days. Whatever the case may be, the best song on this EP is “Real Talk.” The second best song is “No Mop.”

Do you know the Roddy I would prefer to hear more of? The one that was on “Pure Souls” with Kanye West.

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