Majken Calls Out Ex-Lover “Pete”



An alternative pop gem with harsh messages.

Stockholm-based musical creative, Majken, is also known as Majken Levahn. She was raised by a family of musicians, so her love for music has been a long-standing passion. As a result, her work can’t compare to anything else. Majken grew up listening to jazz and rock and, later on, took a strong interest in soul and R&B. Her influences include artists like Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, SZA, Remi Wolf, and Prince. In addition to her solo work, she is also a lead singer in the alternative band Scoobz. However, her solo work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Majken’s latest drop is the pop hit single “PETE.” A music video also accompanies the song.

Melodic pop becomes moody here with an emotional callout. “PETE” may be ear-pleasing, but it’s about as harsh as it could be. Lyrics like “This could never ever ever turn into something/ You’re not even capable of real loving” and “Trying to do my everything to make you listen/ But you’re too selfish/ You don’t get it/ What am I doing?” call out the so-called lover. But, they similarly question the point of trying to fix a relationship that clearly isn’t working. This is a sensation that not everyone understands, but it will become clear after listening. However, the song also contains unquestionable passion- at least for the fact that the artist isn’t willing to settle for a Pete. So, stream Majken’s “PETE” today to learn what you don’t want in a lover.

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