CIAN Takes Us On a Romantic Ride “On Our Own”

A R&B tune with slow, romantic vibes.

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On Our Own


A R&B tune with slow, romantic vibes.

Bogotá, Colombia-based musical creative, CIAN, is a singer and songwriter who is half Colombian and half American. As a result, the artist works to blend both cultures into his music to blend genres with ease. While CIAN was born in Bogotá, he spent the majority of his life in Florida before he returned to his place of birth. Growing up, he listened to artists like Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Michael Jackson. Nowadays, though, he finds inspiration in artists like The Weeknd, Zayn, Drake, Khalid, Majid Jordan, Justin Bieber, and Bazzi. His discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. CIAN’s latest drop is the R&B single, “On Our Own.”

Mellow and warm are the perfect descriptions. “On Our Own” is the heartfelt romance that sounds and feels like it was made for a Disney movie. Lyrics like “No one to tell us no/ It’s you and me alone/ Who knows where we’ll go” and “Your love/ Your love/ I feel it was sent from above” offer up the same sentiments. These declarations make the artist’s feelings for his love crystal clear. We have no doubt in his dedication towards the lucky person who has his eye. Between theromantic moments and summery sound, this song will inspire you to take on the world with that special someone at your side. So, stream CIAN’s “On Our Own” to figure out who will travel the path with you.

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