Eli Preiss Loves Her New “GAMEBOY”

Electronic production and metaphorical lyrics dominate this song.

Eli Preiss - GAMEBOY


Eli Preiss

Electronic production and metaphorical lyrics dominate this song.

Viennese Eli Preiss is a singer-songwriter who is bringing a fresh flavor to German music. Even though a good chunk of her songs features the German language, they’ve reached audiences from around the world. Preiss mentioned that the lack of a German role model was one of the things that discouraged her to stop writing in English. Additionally, as English is not her native language, she felt her vocabulary  was not diverse enough to express all of her feelings. Eli Preiss’s newest single, “GAMEBOY,” is from her latest EP, LVL UP. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“GAMEBOY,” which was produced by Matt Mendo, is a high-energy club song that listeners will love. According to Preiss, this song discusses party nights with a guy she wants to play with. It boasts an electronic beat, but the vocals bring more of a gut-wrenching tone. The music video to the song adds a psychedelic layer in with flashing lights and crazy colors. Similarly, the lyrics provide another level of thinking through their metaphors. Translated lyrics like “Baby, melt my ice cream / Plant me in your head / Young and dumb and high / Only play this for two” seem to be telling an inside joke. However, they’re really about Preiss teasing her new toy.

Stream Eli Preiss’s “GAMEBOY” below.

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