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Not All Fun is Forever

Sara Diamond

A R&B tune with soul elements and bittersweet hope.

Canadian musical creative, Sara Diamond, is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who adores combining elements of pop and R&B Diamond’s unique work takes heavy influences from her inspirations, including Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, and India Arie. The Montreal artist’s more recent work has earned her more than 20 million streams worldwide. In addition, she’s gained over 26 million for her collaborations with creators like Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, and Tyler Shaw. Clearly, she is versatile, and her discography reflects the same. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Sara Diamond’s latest drop is the R&B album, SaraX, featuring the track “Not All Fun Is Forever.” A music video also accompanies the new tune.

R&B seems to go hand in hand with soul, and Diamond has plenty of soul to go around. “Not All Fun Is Forever” is all about losing the love of your life, but it’s described so softly that it sounds like a ballad dedicated to love instead. Lyrics like “First time in a long time that my heart wasn’t in pieces/ You were like a lifeline that I didn’t know I needed” and “Not all fun is forever/ Sometimes you just get now” relay this. The song offers heartfelt, yet somber reminders of love’s uplifting feelings. At the same time, it discusses the impermanence of special moments so people remember nothing is really forever. The senses of longings add just enough sadness to capture the torn feelings of a broken heart. So, stream Sara Diamond’s “Not All Fun Is Forever” for something that will break your heart too.

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