All Dz Chainz

Gucci Mane (Ft. Lil Baby)

You got a song called “All Dz Chainz” by two ATL rappers and 2 Chainz is not on it?

Say what you want about Atlanta, but make sure you acknowledge that it’s dope how a good chunk of the people from that city hold each other down. Two of their biggest artists, Gucci Mane and Lil Baby, are more accessible than an ugly stripper. In other words, no matter how big they get, they seem to find opportunities to hop on their peers’ s**t. Today, a song called “All Dz Chainz” that features Gucci and Baby hit streaming services.


This song sounds raw as hell. Throughout it, Lil Baby and Gucci hit us with mean-ass bars that will remind you that they are experts at beating cases, putting their opps in the dirt, and stealing women. What’s interesting is that Gucci Mane’s verse on the song is very similar to his verse on the Lil Durk-assisted “Rumors.” What’s also interesting is that the song is only two minutes loing.

Give “All Dz Chainz” a shot below.

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