Where I Belong

Joey Bada$$

This is classic Joey Bada$$ right here!

I highly doubt that Joey Bada$$ was ducking a Drake fade by delaying his 2000 album a few weeks. He strikes me as a competitive guy that is down to go toe to toe with anyone. Whatever the case may be, this is the reality now: Joey’s forthcoming album has to deliver. While the first couple of singles off it tickled my fancy, “Where I Belong,” the latest single, has me fully hyped.


“Where I Belong” feels so New York, to me. In the song, Joey spits cold-ass bars about his rough come-up, his rise to the top, and his bright future over a beat that gives me old-school hip-hop vibes. As expected, the way he surfs through the track hitting us with sly flows will make you crown him as the coolest MC in the game.

This song makes me want to go back to New York just to get that quick random trash smell on the streets.