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That Part


A hypnotic hip-hop tune with a mellow background.

Montgomery County, PA-based musical creative, NES.Mp3, is an emerging artist who has been showing off his talent since childhood. First, he performed in front of his entire elementary school, and later, he sang in his middle school’s chorus. As he continued his music journey, NES.MP3 began to work with a local sound engineer, and eventually, he started recording at local studios. Now, the artist is working on perfecting his sounds by mixing genres as an independent artist. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. NES.MP3 latest drop is the hip-hop single, “That Part.”

“That Part” is a mix of mellow, soul, and rap with a dash of psychedelic sprinkled in. The song has a soundscape that almost feels dreamy with its subtle nature. In the meantime, the message feels personalized. Lyrics like “I gotta feeling you feeling me now, ever since my bag got a little bigger” and “Everybody wanna say sh*t, what’s up with ’em? Worry about you” explore those personal feelings. However, the song’s chill vibes make it the perfect laidback late-night listen. So, press play on NES.Mp3’s “That Part” today to learn about being your own part.

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