Brief reviews and ratings for albums by G Perico, Bino Rideaux, and Muni Long.

G Perico – 111th East

G Perico decided to drop something slight for us this week. 111th East is a six-track project that boasts four songs that are less than three minutes long. Don’t worry, Perico made sure to jampack the EP with tracks that are full of boisterous, animated, and gangsta-ass raps. What I find very interesting about the project is that it features a beat that is on some salsa s**t, a beat that is on some fancy dinner party s**t, and a beat that is on some love scene in a hood movie s**t. This is a very unique EP. I give it a C+.

Muni Long – Public Displays Of Affection Too

The streets are saying that Muni Long has next. While I can see her being an R&B plug for a bunch of today’s rappers, I do see her actively making an effort to get her solo career on and poppin’. This past Friday, Muni released Public Displays Of Affection Too, a five-track EP that features the kind of music that the SZAs and Summer Walkers of the world usually make. Overall, I think the project possesses great passion, blunt relationship-related lyrics, and exciting old-school R&B moments. I give this brief project a B-. (BTW, check out “Crack”)

Bino Rideaux – SORRY 4 DA WAIT II

Bino Rideaux’s SORRY 4 DA WAIT II project is actually the only real release from this past Friday. The thirteen-track project is full of solid features and has a very consistent feel. Does the project boast a little too much whispering and cliche sounds? Yes. Nonetheless, I think that SORRY 4 DA WAIT II is good enough to hold down your playlists for a week until something else releases. I give this project a C.

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