If You Go…

Jr. Rhodes

A captivating hip-hop tune with raw declarations.

Indian-Canadian musical creative, Jr. Rhodes, is also known as Brandon D’Souza. Rhodes is an artist and songwriter born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. This artist first emerged on the music scene in 2019, and since then, he has released more than 20 singles, as well as an EP and full-length mixtape. His music has reached listeners in more than 130 countries. By blending his unique voice with sharp songwriting skills, Rhodes makes himself stand out as a writer. His tracks are available on many different platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Jr. Rhodes’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “If You Go…” The track also has an accompanying visualizer.

Easygoing beats and guitar set a smooth background on top of meaningful exploration. “If I Stay…” sets the perfect tone for an emotional reflection on a struggling relationship. Lyrics like “We only talk when I’m lonely/Cause my a** is controlling/Only showing you love in the times I need me a moment” and “You were open and were patient with me/ But I was happy doing me and chasing all these other highs” show exposure of struggles. At the same time, they are revealing his faults to try and save his relationship. It is also a chilled song that sits back and forces us to relax, providing discovery that never feels too heavy. So, stream Jr. Rhodes’s “If You Go…” to discover how to help your own relationship.

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