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Key Glock

This song is the s**t.

If Key Glock wanted to take off all of 2022, I would’ve been fine with that. Not only was the late Young Dolph, who we lost last year, the person that put him in a position to succeed, but he was also his blood cousin. Well, Glock didn’t decide to take much time off this year; instead, he has released a bunch of singles. His latest is “Diapers.”


Ironically, “Diapers” boasts production that is dark and funky. Over it, Key Glock hits us with unorthodox flows and lyrical content that will remind you how rich, wise, and trill he is. While I highly doubt that this song will move the needle for casual Glock fans, it should get you hyped up for whatever he has in store for us.

Listen to “Diapers” below.

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