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Joey Bada$$ Pays Homage To Capital Steez In “Survivors Guilt”

Survivors Guilt

Joey Bada$$

We are inching closer and closer to “2000” (I know what the hell I said)!

Joey Bada$$ is a real one. One of the main reasons I absolutely love his All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ album from a couple of years ago is that it features so many introspective and thought-provoking verses. I totally expect Joey’s forthcoming album, 2000, to follow the same path as its predecessor. Today, the Brooklyn rapper decided to release “Survivors Guilt,” a very thoughtful single off the upcoming project.


In “Survivors Guilt,” Joey Bada$$ pays homage to two of his late cousins; one of them being rapper Capital Steez. Not only does he rap about their unfortunate downfalls, but he also raps about the good ole times they had in the past. While you’re probably used to hearing an aggressive Joey, in this particular song, he sounds subdued, matching the dreary production.

Ab-Soul closes out “Survivors Guilt” with some very touching words about Capital Steez and Joey Bada$$. Very dope to hear.

Give “Survivors Guilt” by Joey Bada$$ a shot below.

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