Sure Shot

Bryanna Rain

A hypnotic pop gem with elements of video games incorporated.

Richmond, VA-based musical creative, Bryanna Rain, is an author and vocalist with plenty of passion for both topics. Rain has been recording music for more than a decade. It might surprise listeners to learn that she dropped her debut solo EP when she was just 13 years old. Additionally, she published a picture book at the same time. Rain is also a graduate of Virginia Tech, has a strong love for animals, and used her passion for role-playing video games as inspiration for her debut album. Her first single, “Blaming Eternia,” was released through the Exquisite Noise label. This hit, and her other music, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Bryanna Rain’s latest drop is the pop album EPisodes, which features the pop track, “Sure Shot.”

We love electro beats, and “Sure Shot” loves them too! This track offers bright bursts of energy, plenty of expressive tones, and a trippy retro-meets-future vibe. Similar to her first album, this song feels reminiscent of an old-school video game. It’s the kind of thing where you imagine yourself on an epic RPG journey with a modern sense of music. Maybe you’re fighting a boss, as the cover for the song indicates. Undoubtedly, this intriguing hybrid creation will take you on a stunning journey of your own. So, stream Bryanna Rain’s “Sure Shot” to figure out how to go on your own adventure outside of reality.


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