Ciara & Coast Contra

So, you mean to tell me that lady up top has had numerous kids?

Ciara will always have a place in everyone who watched 106 & Park’s hearts. I remember watching her “Goodies” video over and over again, wishing I knew how to dance. No, I’m not writing Ciara’s eulogy; I am simply trying to remind you how fun it was listening to her music back then. Today, the Atlanta singer decided to return to the music scene with “JUMP,” a track that has her sounding like her prime self.


I don’t know if Ciara can make you jump as high as Kriss Kross could, but she will still make you get off your feet. In this high-octane new single, she lets us know that she can get s**t poppin in any environment she is invited to. I think the blend of action-packed vocals, feverish raps, and exhilarating beats will definitely make you hyped the f**k up.

Ciara has been acting differently since she moved to Denver, I wonder why (In my Brian Windhorst voice)…

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