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X (Album)

Ken Carson

I googled Ken Carson. What came up was a white man who used to make western music in the 40s.

There are so many moments in which I feel old these days: This is one of them. I literally did not know Ken Carson’s name until this past week. Now, I am being pressed to do an album review about his X project. I listened to it fully this morning, and I can honestly say that I am somewhat impressed.


Here is my brief Ken Carson for Dummies summary: If Playboi Carti and Yeat had a baby, you would get Ken Carson (Playboi is actually the executive producer of this project). X boasts trippy trap instrumentals, lots of rebellious lyrics, and rap styles that would make J. Cole fans upchuck. I actually think that the project boasts a few bangers that can win a fist fight with some car speakers.

I welcome all pip squeak/weirdo rappers with open arms these days! In all seriousness, I actually rock with this album.

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