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Lloyd Banks Drops “Fell In Love”

Fell In Love

Lloyd Banks

There’s no way that this song is about love. Lloyd Banks is a certified goon.

Do you know how there is a such thing as a cult movie? There is also such a thing as a cult rapper. In my opinion, Lloyd Banks is the definition of a cult rapper. Even though he was never ‘the guy,’ hip-hop fans worldwide have been raving about his verses for decades. Today, the former G-Unit rapper decided to release “Fell In Love,” a track that features a Tyga-Esque beat and lyrical content that calls out simps.


I mean no insult by this, but I believe “Fell In Love” is one of Lloyd Bank’s most unique hits. For starters, the song boasts a jumpy beat that you would think wouldn’t fit his style. No need to worry, Banks doesn’t switch his style up at all in the track; he still hits us with his signature punchlines, drowsy deliveries, and cold-ass content. All in all, I think “Fell In Love” is a hit for the New York rapper.

I only love the coco (Especially when you put marshmallows in it).

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