Westside Gunn returns with another beautifully orchestrated album, “Peace “Fly God.”




3. Big Ass Bracelet

Westside Gunn is such an unselfish rapper. In a bunch of his projects, he lets his homies shine. In “Big Ass Bracelet,” Westside actually shines for a full 1:50!

Over production that would make JJ from Good Times tear up, Westside Gunn hits us with his signature gunshot noises and raps about his ruthless and gangsta ways. Unfortunately, for the rest of the song, Steve Cook Gods absolutely slays s**t with an aggressive verse that straddles the line between trill and fancy (Folks can’t have s**t for themselves these days SMH).

Somebody sign that singer at the end of this song. His voice is outstanding.



2. Derrick Boleman

Derrick Boleman and Jerry Backhouse were beasts when they played together.

If you thought you were gangsta, Westside Gunn and Stove Cook Gods will make you think again. In “Derrick Boleman,” the two comfortably speak on their drug dealing ways just as much as they speak on their tempers and war wounds. The way they effortlessly hurl out their cold bars over the artful production is interesting to listen to.



1. Horses On Sunset

Nah, that was just another girl with ass shots in LA.

I felt so f**king dirty listening to “Horses On Sunset.” The song’s wicked lyrics about excessively shooting folks, Jesus being a carpenter, and using women as pawns didn’t sit well with me. With that being said, I think the song’s hook is so f**king cold and infectious. I also think that Westside comes across as a lovable, gangsta-ass lunatic in the song.


1. Peace Flygod (N/A)

2. Jesus Crack (3/5)

3. Ritz Barlton (4/5)

4. Big Ass Bracelet (4/5)

5. Bobby Rhude (4/5)

6. Derrick Boleman (4/5)

7. Horses On Sunset (5/5)

8. Open Praise (3/5)

9. Danhausen (3/5)

10. Flip V. Phil (N/A)




There simply isn’t much enjoyable music on this album. Most songs sound like skits. I almost wanted to give the whole thing a N/A rating. What I do want to say is this: Westside Gunn’s ability to toy with production that you might hear on a soap opera is cool as hell to listen to. Also, Stove Cooks Gods is a problem. OK, carry on.

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