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MEMO (Album)

Kota The Friend

Folks have been begging me to do a Kota The Friend post… Merry Christmas!

I’m fully aware of Kota The Friend, I just never actually sat down and listened to his music… Until today! I got a chance to analyze his brand new MEMO project, and honestly, I was impressed with a bunch of his verses on it. What Kota reminds me of is a more conscience Guapdad 4000.


I love Kota The Friend’s flair. Whenever he needs to do some crooning, he comes across as genuine and comforting. Whenever he needs to do some rapping, he comes across as competitive and confident. I really do like how he meshes the two worlds. One thing about the album that I don’t love is the production. I like the beats, but they do sound a little amateur and low-quality audio-wise (This is actually what stopped me from doing a full review of this album). All in all, I think this is a solid project.  My favorite tracks from it are “JUMPMAN,” “EMPTY CUP,” “FONE CALL,” and “GOOD TO BE HOME II.”

Give MEMO a shot below.

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