Into My Arms

Nate Bergman

A captivating folk-rock tune with heart, soul, and emotion written in.

Washington, DC-based musical creative, Nate Bergman, is a singer and songwriter who has had the odds stacked against him all his life. However, that didn’t stop the determined Bergman from releasing his “blues steeped, country-inflected solo debut.” Despite ending up overseas, thousands of miles away from collaborators and studios due to the pandemic, he used this time to his advantage. He continued to work on his album and even found inspiration in his surroundings. Bergman let his European location influence some of his tracks, which might be the unique element you hear when you listen in. With his debut album, Metaphysical Change, now finished, he’s moving on to other things. This album is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Nate Bergman’s album contains the folk-rock fusion, “Into My Arms.”

When we think folk music, we think inspirational and calming. When we hear rock music, we might go the opposite direction and try to crank up the energy. Bergman’s mix somehow manages to make both genres a priority. Lyrics like “If you’re waiting for tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes/If your cup is full of sorrow, maybe now’s the time to run” and “If there’s anything left to do, let your actions just be true” features the introspectiveness of folk. At the same time, the artist reflects on the complexity of choices and the anger that might come with them; this type of reflection is usually available in rock. This is a melodic soundscape with moody wistfulness, and the result is the soulful sound that pleases both genre crowds. So, stream Nate Bergman’s “Into My Arms” today to learn what genres can be brought into your arms and your head.