Wolf and Love Talk LGBT+ In “Holy Water”

A pop song discussing trauma and diversity with incredible instrumentals.

Wolf and Love - Holy Water

Holy Water

Wolf and Love

A pop song discussing trauma and diversity with incredible instrumentals.

Wolf and Love is an LA-based pop duo formed by singer Denny Love and music producer Danny Wolf. While the two met in 2009, it was only 10 years later that they joined forces and released an EP. After releasing their debut, “Something To Work With,” they kept collaborating and harnessing the chemistry between themselves. Wolf and Love have combined Wolf’s danceable rhythmic tracks with Love’s sultry vocals. This combination seems to be a favorite with music lovers; the duo has over 10k monthly listeners, along with hundreds of thousands of views. Of course, their work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Wolf and Love’s newest hit is the controversial conversation starter, “Holy Water.”

According to the artists, “Holy Water” is about Denny’s experience growing up in the Catholic church. It discusses being gay in that world and how it made him feel like a sinner and an outcast. Many LGBTQIA+ people who have grown up in religious environments can relate. Verses like “why don’t you tell me where the holy water is at?/I need to cleanse myself from all these sins” share the pain of feeling what Denny believed were sins. Sadly, this song sounds like a cry for help from a child growing up in pain. Additionally, a diverse mix of instruments creates complex arrangements to match the tone. There is also an acoustic version of the song available, which has more focus on the vocals. So, stream Wolf and Love’s “Holy Water” to hear a child’s heartbreaking reflection and see how your own story might line up.

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