YBN Nahmir Talks Serious S**t In “Bows”

Why did y’all give up on Nahmir?


YBN Nahmir

Why did y’all give up on Nahmir?

The YBN collective was boomin in 2017. YBN Nahmir, YBN Cordae, and YBN Almighty Jay were all making pretty solid tracks at the time. These days, the trio is pretty damn quiet. While I am not worried about Cordae’s future, I am worried about Jay and Nahmir’s. With that being said, today, the latter name I mentioned decided to release “Bows,” a track in which he sorta sounds like his prime self.


In “Bows,” YBN Nahmir sounds like a slut-loving shooter that robs banks during his downtime. In some of Nahmir’s most recent tracks, he had issues flowing; in this one, he rides the menacing beat very well. All in all, I think this track is solid.

Give “Bows” a shot below.

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