Tobe Nwigwe (Ft. 2 Chainz, Chamillionaire & Fat Nwigwe)

Tobe Nwigwe is too damn real.

The other day, I had a drink called Tobe Nwigwe at a Nigerian-owned Thai restaurant called Tiki Thai. What the drink told me was three things: Nigerians are bold as hell, Nigerians stick together, and Tobe is slowly becoming a household name. This past weekend, Tobi decided to release “BEEN BROKE,” a track that features 2 Chainz (Someone who looks Nigerian), Chamillionaire (Someone who is Nigerian), and Fat Nwigwe (Someone who is married to a Nigerian).


They don’t make tracks like “BEEN BROKE” anymore. First and foremost, the uplifting song features a catchy hook that gives me early 2000s vibes. As for the verses that you get from everyone involved, they are dynamic as hell. In Tobe’s verse, he toys with tongue-twisting flows, in 2 Chainz’s verse, he comes across as boisterous, and in Chamillionaire’s verse, he raps like a young whippersnapper. Each rapper thankfully sticks to the subject at hand: Enjoying life after getting it out of the mud.

Listen to “BEEN BROKE” below!

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