On and On

Drew Wilson

A pop-country tune that messes with our heads, but steals our hearts.

Australia-based musical creative, Drew Wilson, is an indie singer and songwriter who first appeared on the music scene in 2010. Within three years, the artist already had four releases to his name. Wilson’s singles, “Far Away,” “Sunshine,” and “I’ve Got You,” earned him commercial success, as well as national airplay. Sadly, the artist ultimately chose to take a step back from his creative endeavors in 2013. His discography remains on Spotify, Apple Music, and his own website. Wilson has admitted to having big plans for 2022. For the first step of his plans, Drew Wilson dropped a brand new single, “On and On.”

“On and on” endlessly explores a sun-soaked soundscape. It has the slow, sweet vibe of a decent folksy hit, and care is written into every word. At heart, though, it’s a love song. Lyrics like “You were the lightbulb switching on to help me see” and “I see you everywhere I go – I’m glad I stopped and made you mine” deliver romantic lines. The real purpose of this song is, of course, for the artist to declare his adoration for his sweetheart. Additionally, it is full of passionate deliveries and summery sounds to make us fall in love with it. So, stream Drew Wilson’s “On and on” to learn how your own love can be just as endless as his.