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Gemini Rights (Album)

Steve Lacy

This is easily one of the most unique projects I’ve heard in my life.

If you are a fan of The Internet, you know that Steve Lacy is one of the most important members of the group. What a lot of people don’t know is that he also has some critically acclaimed solo efforts under his belt. Yesterday, Steve decided to release Gemini Rights, a ten-track project that will f**k with your mind just a little bit.


Steve Lacy was in a zone of epic proportions when he made this album. From the moment Gemini Rights starts, he stays true to his R&B roots but also dips his toes in all kinds of eccentric instrumentals. It’s almost like he lost a bet with someone and now had to make a project full of random-ass SoundCloud beats. My biggest takeaway is that this project reminds me that music is an art.

Give Gemini Rights a shot below.


1. Static

2. Helmet

3. Mercury

4. Buttons

5. Bad Habit

6. 2Gether (Enterlude)

7. Cody Freestyle

8. Amber

9. Sunshine

10. Give You The World


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