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Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1 (Project)

DJ Premier

Remy Ma, Joey Bada$$, Nas, and more link up with DJ Premier for this five-track project.

If hip-hop was a human, it would have grey hair and run black cookouts. Yes, the most popular genre in the world is officially 50-years-old! To pay homage to this special birthday, one of the most important figures in hip-hop history, DJ Premier, decided to release Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1, a five-track project that features some of the best MCs in the world.


I swear, every single person featured on this album sounds hungry and like they have a chip on their shoulder. You can tell that Premier’s eccentric beats brought out the inner love they each have for hip-hop. All in all, if you are a fan of hip-hop in the purest form, you will enjoy this project mightily.

Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1 features guest appearances from Nas, Slick Rick, Lil Wayne, Rapsody, Joey Bada$$, Remy Ma, and Run The Jewels.

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