Noah Fm and Koyal Are “Gummy” In Love

Peachy vocals and catchy lyrics in an electro-pop track.

Noah F - Gummy


Noah Fm (Ft. Koyal)

Peachy vocals and catchy lyrics in an electro-pop track.

Atlanta and Philadelphia-based, Noah, is a musician, producer, audio engineer, and computer scientist. For some, that sounds like a lot, but Noah can clearly manage. Although he’s young, the artist has already performed on Broadway and toured with musicians across Chile, South Africa, Australia, Russia, and Germany. Now, he’s beginning to put his own music out. Noah is also a part of Koyal, a pop-rock band. Koyal was formed in a college basement and drew influences from pop, indie/alternative, rock, and blues. Between all of this work and music, Noah is a busy man, but we’re confident in his abilities. His music is available on Spotify and his own website. Noah Fm’s first song, “Gummy,” features Koyal in its prime. 

“Gummy” is a catchy electro-pop hit with peachy vocals. This is the summer vibe song that will be playing when you’re relaxing in the pool, but it’ll take you back to high school at the same time. Lyrics such as “Short shorts like its still summer / Reckless, but I like old school / Ice cream at drive in theaters” paint a movie-like romance. There’s no way you don’t think of classic, apple-pie love; this message cannot get more clear. The song is a mix of pop with some electronic beats, resulting in a dance ballad. It brings a fun, exciting feeling to mind; the one when you like someone and can’t even keep your cool around them. It really is about being gummy for wanting someone so much. So, stream Noah Fm’s “Gummy” to learn how to be gummy for someone yourself.

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