To the Streets

10 Toe Tank & Mainey

10 Toe Tank and Mainey bring back the true essence of hip-hop with “To The Streets.”

When it comes to making real-ass rap music, Mainey and 10 Toe Tank are cut from the same cloth. Not only do they both possess aggressive styles that will give you flashbacks to the heyday of hip-hop, but they both also have this level of realness to them that is glaring. With that being said, if you are a rap fan, you should consider it a blessing that 10 Toe Tank and Mainey decided to unite for “To The Streets.”

No smiling is allowed while you listen to “To The Streets.” Over a beat that combines pleasant piano notes with grungy vibes, 10 Toe Tank and Mainey keep it 100 about their street-certified, money-making, and boss ways. The way both rappers plow through the track relying on feverish/steady flows is the biggest takeaway for me. I also feel like Tank and Mainey do fantastic jobs of giving off this raw/unapologetic aura through their blunt deliveries.

Give the impressive “To The Streets” a shot below.


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