I Don’t Talk

NBA YoungBoy

This is NBA YoungBoy’s first release since beating the system.

As each day passes, the more and more I respect NBA YoungBoy. Throughout his recent gun trial, he hugged fans, sounded grateful, and really kept the talking to his lawyers. Eventually, NBA ended up beating his case. Now that he is free to leave Utah, I expect him to turn his career up a few notches. The first sign that NBA is ready to go ham is the release of his latest single “I Don’t Talk.”


In “I Don’t Talk,” NBA lets us know that he does more stacking and shooting than talking. Though the song features bluesy production, the version of our hero that you get is aggressive, confrontational, and dismissive. All in all, “I Don’t Talk” is the kind of song I would release if I beat a case (The only case that I’ve ever beaten is a 12-pack Heineken).

Give “I Don’t Talk” a shot below.

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