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Haitian Scarface

Kodak Black

Scarface was a very cold gangster.

There is a difference between a ‘gangsta’ and a ‘gangster;’ Scarface was a ‘gangster.’ I do see similarities between the fictional druglord and Kodak Black, though. Both had issues with the law, both were f**king with drugs, and both resided in Florida. Today, Kodak decided to pay homage to Scarface by releasing “Haitian Scarface.”


This song seems to address Kodak Black’s recent arrest. In it, he raps about the police trying to humiliate him and how the drugs he was found with on the scene were actually prescribed. Though the song feels more like a vent session, I do feel like you get a focused version of Kodak rapping-wise on it.

Give “Haitian Scarface” a shot below.

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