Zel? sings fearlessly and opens his heart up in the pop-heavy “Now and Forever.”




3. I Get Around

The rebellious nature attached to “I Get Around” makes it one of this project’s most enjoyable listens.

I am so glad that Zel? started this project off with “I Get Around.” From the jump, what it tells you is that he has a cool demeanor, that he doesn’t mind dabbling in beachy/uptempo instrumentals, and that he has a few infectious melodies in his back pocket. Zel? gets more and more daring as the mixtape goes on, but this song is definitely a tone-setter.

To me, this is the only song on this mixtape that combines hip-hop and pop vibes.



2. The One I Trust

There’s nothing more powerful than putting your trust in someone that has your back.

“The One I Trust” is one big relationship party. The song’s spirited and gleeful instrumental is the catalyst for Zel?’s highly colorful melodies and lyrical content that revolves around being deeply in love with someone that knows how to put you on cloud nine. At the end of the day, this is one of those summery tracks that will sound good with your windows down and your main chick by your side.



1. I’m Sorry

It is very easy to drown in the words, vibes, and instrumental connected to “I’m Sorry.”

Even though “I’m Sorry” features somewhat somber lyrics (In the song, Zel? sings about not being able to satisfy his partner with his lavish efforts), overall, the song boasts a very jovial sound: The instrumental is upbeat, the melodies are hypnotizing, and the vocals are bold. There’s actually nothing Zel? should be sorry about when it comes to this song.

I remember the good ole days when I wasn’t man enough to say I’m sorry.


1. I Get Around (3/5)

2. Keep Playin (3/5)

3. I’m Sorry (4/5)

4. All I Got (3/5)

5. Thinkin Bout U (Interlude) (N/A)

6. The One I Trust (3/5)

7. Live Or Die (3/5)

8. Passion (2/5)

9. Dreaming In Madness (3/5)




I will always admire an artist that shows zero fear on the mic and makes sure that they are themselves in every lyric that they drop. After listening to Zel?’s Now and Forever project, I am convinced that he is the kind of artist that embraces the two things that I just mentioned.

The first thing that I like about this mixtape is the instrumentals: They boast great vibes, are luminous, and definitely give me smooth summertime feels. Without Zel? even saying a word, you will feel like you were given something that you can play as you cruise around the city. I give the production an A.

The second thing that I like about this mixtape is the content. I feel like Zel? does a fantastic job of showing the world his vulnerable side throughout, tackling the ups and downs that come with dating someone in this day and age. I feel like every young bachelor/young individual in a relationship can relate to Zel?’s wise words from this mixtape (He also has a trill streak in him, too. It comes out on the first song).

While I don’t quite love the vocal performances from this mixtape (It was a little too auto-tuned up), I do applaud Zel?’s fearlessness when it comes to singing. Throughout Now and Forever, he tests out bold melodies and reaches vocal pitches that are higher than Wiz Khalifa. On the real, if most artists were as courageous as Zel?, we would get more experimental projects.

Now and Forever has made it to the world just in time for summer’s peak!




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