Chef Rambo & Nate Husser Go “Belligerent”

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Chef Rambo (Ft. Nate Husser)

Anytime I see the word “Belligerent” in a song title, I get excited as hell.

Chef Rambo is a recording artist from LaSalle, Quebec that I think has an extremely bright future. Personally, what I like about him is that he shows out every single time he hops on a mic. In other words, you get fantastic performances out of him often. Earlier this year, Rambo dropped an album called NYLR. One of the main singles from the project is the explosive “Belligerent” with Nate Husser.

Chef Rambo and Nate Husser practically kick-ass and take names in “Belligerent.” In the song, over this fire-ass beat, the two rappers hit us with tenacious flows, one of the catchiest hooks that I’ve heard this year (Rambo went off on it), and lyrical content that will prove that they are smoke-welcoming individuals that aren’t afraid to steal our  women, spend tons of money, and put an opp in their place. On some real s**t, “Belligerent” sounds like an aggressive/competitive freestyle that is supposed to make Nate and Rambo’s enemies cry in their cars.

If this is how Rambo and Nate act when they are belligerent, I don’t want to know what happens if they become flabbergasted…

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