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If I Get Caught


dvsn says this song is “not toxic but honest.”

Real ones will tell you that one of Jay-Z’s realest tracks was “Song Cry.” In the song, he raps about recklessly doing his girl wrong. For “If I Get Caught,” dvsn takes one of the coldest samples from “Song Cry” and makes a full song out of it.


This is probably dvsn’s most peculiar track of all time. It features an unorthodox rhythm and a weirdly-placed Jay-Z sample. I do think these two things are great about the song, though: The vocals (dvsn never disappoints when it comes to this department) and the content (The never-ending battle between being faithful and a dog is discussed here). While women may bat an eye at this song, I think males all over the globe will say “see, dvsn are just like me!”

Honestly, dvsn should’ve asked Beyoncé if they could clear Jay-Z’s sample…

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