Secondhand High

Mark Joshua

An R&B, pop, and soul mix that reflects relationship sadness.

The Hamilton, Ohio native, Mark Joshua, is a Filipino singer and songwriter who has been writing original songs for more than 13 years. Additionally, Joshua has performed professionally for over ten years. Growing up, he found himself influenced by a wide range of genres such as country, bluegrass, folk, pop, R&B, and soul. Joshua’s music intimately explores his personal life in addition to examining his thoughts on relationships and society. Since 2015, his EPs have been gracing the music industry. These, and all his other pieces, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Mark Joshua’s most recent album, Sedated, features the R&B track “Secondhand High,” which initially came out as a single in 2021.

Soul and pop has a part to play in everything, but mix it with R&B, and we find it infectious. “Secondhand High” is emotionally charged and discusses the hardest parts of a relationship; the falling out of love and feelings of regret. Lyrics like “You just keep on making mistakes, Don’t know how much more I can take” and “Every time that I’m with you, It feels like you’re just running from the truth” examine being a toxic relationship. At the same time, it looks at the problems of dealing with loneliness. Joshua’s melodic vocals explores these relatable struggles with unquestionable sincerity. There’s no doubt he’s been through his fair share of that pain. It’s hard to imagine it without having gone through it yourself. So, stream Mark Joshua’s “Secondhand High” to learn how to avoid that pain yourself.

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