Megan Thee Stallion & Future

We haven’t seen a battle this epic since Magic went against Michael in the ’91 finals.

Megan Thee Stallion and Future seem like they would be enemies, right? The former is the ultimate pro-woman rapper, while the latter is the ultimate pro-toxic rapper. Well, when you have folks ending amendments and s**t, I guess it makes sense for sides that you wouldn’t think would join forces to join forces.


In “Pressurelicious,” Megan and Future rap about finessing one another, making valid cases on why their respective sexes should be crowned as the toxicist. While I don’t quite f**k with the hook that the duo lays down, I do f**k with the way both rappers come across as smiling purple demons on their respective verses. Like, there was nothing sexy about anything that was said in this song; just all manipulative.

Listen to “Pressurelicious” below.

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