Are You Entertained

Russ (Ft. Ed Sheeran)

It would behoove Russ to not s**t talk Ed Sheeran (Ed might be one of the few people that has more money than Russ).

They both have more money than me. S**t, I write these reviews for peanuts. Anywho, two of my favorite musicians in the game today are Ed Sheeran and Russ. The former has been killing Afropop remixes and s**t quite a bit as of late, while the latter has been consistently dropping some of the best rap songs Biden’s America has ever seen. I’m thankful that they connected for “Are You Entertained.”

“Are You Entertained” is tough in a gladiator/ultimate warrior type way. The song’s beat feels explosive, Ed’s contributions feel aggressive/heroic, and Russ’ raps feel unbelievably bossy. Whatever the case may be, this song is a flaming hit that has serious replay value. 

Ed Sheeran is a better rapper than 90 percent of the rappers.