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INDIGO Illuminates In “Rock The Boat”

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Rock The Boat


One of INDIGO’s biggest influences is Aaliyah, so it makes all of the sense in the world that she was able to “Rock The Boat” just as well as the late great singer.

India Yvette Graham, aka INDIGO, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer originally from Virginia Beach, VA. With such a versatile assortment of skills, she has seen success both behind the scenes (She has worked with prominent producers such as The Ambience Beats, ThisIsBiggz, and Haze Banks) and from a solo standpoint. INDIGO is ready to take over 2022 with a brand new banger called “Rock The Boat.”

“Rock The Boat” was made for the summer, and you can’t tell me otherwise. For starters, the song boasts island vibes that will encourage you to drive to your nearest beach as soon as you can. It also boasts a vocal performance by INDIGO that feels passionate, infectious, enchanting, fiery, and powerful. As for lyrically, she does a phenomenal job of vulnerably letting us know that one special person in her life is the only one that could get her to reach high levels of excitement sensually. All in all, “Rock The Boat” is one of the easiest hits to predict.

Give INDIGO’s “Rock The Boat” a shot below.



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