Kevin Amed Offers His New Single, “ESPERATE”

Kevin Amed is a name you need to remember.


Kevin Amed

Kevin Amed is a name you need to remember.

Kevin Amed is a South Central LA-based artist who toys with everything from trap to Latin R&B. His fearlessness when it comes to tackling whatever genre he stumbles upon is what I think is very cool about his artistry. After releasing a few impressive singles in 2020, Kevin is back with a hot new track called “ESPERATE.”

To call “ESPERATE” a hypnotizing song is an understatement. Throughout it, Kevin relies on a weary tone to make his intoxicating melodies and shifty flows seep deep into your skin. The instrumental that he does his work over also gives off this hazy sound that will have your mind in a frenzy. Content-wise, the song is pretty juicy. In it, Kevin talks (fully in Spanish) about a woman who was blindsided by her partner when he told her that their relationship isn’t quite what she thinks it is. We’ve all been there, right? All in all, “ESPERATE” is one very fine acquired taste track. 

Listen to “ESPERATE” by Kevin Amed below.



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