Sidewinder’s ability to make thought-provoking/mind-numbing music is unmatched.

Sidewinder is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, California that makes music that is full of great lyricism, powerful messages, and extraordinary vibes. In other words, he’s a musician that cannot be put in a box. Throughout the years, Sidewinder has tackled very deep topics in his songs. In his latest single, “TIC BACK TIME Bomb,” he speaks on school shootings.

I love how multi-layered, grungy, authentic, honest, and distinct “TIC BACK TIME Bomb” sounds. From the moment that you press play on the song, you are greeted with a sludgy rock-hop beat that does everything in its power to put you in a trance. Over the beat, Sidewinder relies on peculiar rap flows, action-packed deliveries, and profound lyrics to describe the things that go through the minds of individuals that have tons of anger in them. Personally, I love the song’s catchy and dynamic hook. I also love how the song combines a deep baseline with a vibe that is almost horror movie-like. All in all, “TIC BACK TIME Bomb” is an intimate portrait that I highly recommend that you listen to.

Give “TIC BACK TIME Bomb” a shot below.






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