Alissa Feudo - don't say

Don’t say

Alissa Feudo

“Don’t Say” is a lonely pop song.

Texas-based artist, Alissa Feudo, is a trance and alternative-pop singer and songwriter. Under the alias of “ICON,” she’s well-known for her collaborations with Myon. Besides that, she’s also collaborated with artists such as Seven Lions, Andy Moor, Dash Berlin, and more. All her previous work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website.  On her debut album, Feudo promises to deliver a “diverse collection of alternative pop and indie songs with a smooth blend of acoustic and electronic elements.” Alissa Feudo’s “Don’t Say,” which was produced by John Hancock, is the first release from this album.

“Don’t Say” is a melancholic pop song with mournful vibes all around. As a result, the song starts off very slowly, highlighting Feudo’s peachy vocals in a sad way. However, later on, the song takes on a more electronic tone. It becomes a twist from sadness to frustration, and both feelings make sense to me alongside the lyrics. Lyrics like “I just keep breaking while you use me up / Don’t say you love me, this isn’t love” show courage in talking openly about hurtful moments. There’s nothing quite so damaging nor as scary as opening yourself up to others. Yet, Feudo manages to do both perfectly. In addition, this song can be relatable for people who have been in a toxic relationship. So, stream Alissa Feudo’s “Don’t Say” to learn how to open up a little more.

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