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RXPHY brings the mayhem with “Chaotic Neutral.”

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Chaotic Neutral (Album)


RXPHY brings the mayhem with “Chaotic Neutral.”

I’ve had my eyes on RXPHY for years now. When it comes to rapping, he goes for his like your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. At the same time, I feel like he is talented enough to put together complete-sounding records. If you want to be a believer in RXPHY’s music, please press play on Chaotic Neutral.


This will tell you all you need to know about RXPHY: Chaotic Neutral starts of with the hard-hitting rap joint, “TV Hoes,” and is followed up by the gnarly and melodic-heavy “The One.” In a nutshell, the project entertains by shifting through a myriad of genres, vibes, rap styles, singing styles, and more. The project also entertains with its vulnerable and relatable lyrical content. All in all, if you want to hear a versatile body of work, I recommend you listen to Chaotic Neutral below.

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