CHEEZY831 absolutely devours the “FAST FOOD” beat.

CHEEZY831 doesn’t believe in boundaries as a musician. A good chunk of his songs features unique instrumentals and murderous raps jammed together mercilessly. Here’s the thing, though: I think his style of music is dope as f**k! CHEEZY831’s latest single is the intense “FAST FOOD!”

All I can say about “FAST FOOD” is wow (Actually, I’m going to say more about the song, but you get what I mean)… For starters, the track boasts this elevator-like instrumental that has a nice calm to it, but also a feverish tempo and explosive components. Over it, CHEEZY831 hits us with hard-hitting raps that will let you know that he’s an unchained individual that is getting money and ready to blast his gun. The dynamic/consistent flows that he raps with will definitely catch your attention. His bloodthirsty voice will also catch your attention.

I bet CHEEZY831 gets epic sore throats after he is done recording songs. Anywho, listen to the captivating “FAST FOOD” below.